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Here you will find all that you really need to know about the equestrian industry. From news within the industry, changes in legislation, betting information and tournament schedules, we have it all. With all our combined years of experience in the industry, we have a great passion for horse racing and everything associated with it. We’ve developed this portal as a means of attracting more horse racing lovers from around New Zealand to the network through our website.

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You undoubtedly don’t need to be an expert in the field to enjoy a day at the horses. Whether you are new to this thrilling sport or have been following it for a while, our website will certainly provide you with all the support you need, to make informed betting decisions before races, as well as alert you to changes in the industry.

From the rules and legislation within the sport to providing tips to people who are first-time bettors, we ensure we keep this section updated on a regular basis. Although the rules within horse racing don’t change that often, they can be amended to ensure good sportsmanship is maintained, as well as to ensure the well-being of the horses.

Bringing the Races to You

We know it’s not possible to attend every race live and therefore we bring the races to our members. Convenience is everything, and what better way to watch the races than from the comfort of your own home, if not at the track. Through the many technological improvements, we’re now able to offer streaming of the races, as well as mobile facilities for you to complete your bets.

There’s No Reason Why You Shouldn’t Love Horse Racing

Horse racing doesn’t have to be a serious sporting event where people betting on the outcomes don’t socialise with one another. In fact, it’s the opposite; horse racing has fast become popular, and many of these events are attended by large amounts of people. It’s a cost-effective activity you and your family can enjoy.

You also can network with other people in the industry include celebrities. Of course, what is an event without having a fashion element to it? Many of these events have gone the route of having either a colour scheme or a theme for the race. This encourages people to embrace a higher level of creativity.

Get the Latest News From Around the World

We want all our readers to be informed of what’s happening around the world when it comes to horse racing. Therefore, we’ve developed a dedicated news section for the equestrian industry. From the news of the legendary jockey, Piggott being hospitalised, the latest issues within the industry, the Kentucky Derby and whether Abel Tasman or Unique Bella will be the favourite for the Eclipse Stakes.

News is the bloodline of any industry, and it keeps you in the know. We offer exciting insight as to what the horse racing world has to offer. With this, you can plan a weekend full of racing schedules, especially if you are keen on making sure your bets go to the strongest contender. So, regardless of your experience in the industry, our website caters to all your knowledge or curiosity needs. You will not feel out of place when you spend a few minutes reading the exciting content we have compiled with you in mind.