Five Things to Love About Horse Racing

Horse racing has fast become a favourite sport to bet on in recent years. Whether you’re in it to enjoy a day at the races to do some gambling or are there to check out the latest fashion, there are so many other reasons to love the sport. Here are five reasons to enjoy horse racing.

#1 An Activity You and Your Family Can Enjoy

There’s usually more than just horse racing on when you go for a day at the races. From live music, food stands and entertainment, there is something for the whole family to do. Depending on when you’re attending the races, events happen throughout the year. Excellent examples include events occurring in these racecourses: Motukarara, Tauranga Racecourse and Addington Raceway, which can be found in and around NZ. Naturally, children won’t be betting on the races, but they can enjoy and take part in activities occurring within a dedicated area.

Another element of this is that it provides an entertainment experience which can be shared. What better way to bring a group of friends or family together than at the races? It makes for animated conversation, as well as amazing memories.

#2 The Costs Involved are Minimal

Spending at the day at the races doesn’t have to be as expensive as people make it out to be. With the entrance to the tracks already being so affordable, many of the arena’s tickets can be purchased before the time. If the betting odds are in your favour, you could be walking away with more than just your entrance money at the races.

#3 Horse Racing Has Gone Digital

Gone are the traditional days where the only way you could enjoy a day at the races consisted of you having to go down to the track. The horse racing world has also gone digital, allowing it to reach a far broader target market. Nowadays, there is a large online following, and you can view the race outcomes and predictions through social media profiles, and many other websites. Depending on the races, some of them are even broadcast online, allowing people never to miss a race.

#4 The Social Aspect of Horse Racing

No event or occasion is ever wrong to network at. Horse racing provides the perfect opportunity for you to meet new people who share a similar interest to you. With some people naturally being more experienced in the sport and betting, you can get tips on where to place your bets from any of the other attendees. However, this is a sport which is taken more seriously, and you won’t be getting help during a race, as nobody wants to miss the action.

#5 The Fashion Element of the Races

Many of the horse race events taking place will come with a theme. This provides the ideal opportunity for you to dress up. Whether it’s a costume for a Christmas themed race or a day with celebrities, be sure to check the dress code. Not only can you pick up some fashion tips, but it adds an element of fun to the day, and makes for a great conversational element with other attendees.

These are just five of the many things to love about horse racing. A different sport which everyone should get involved in. Whether it’s for the social element, or to win some money, there’s fun to be had at the races.