Four Things You Need to Know About Horse Racing and Betting

Hobbies come in various activity forms, and it is through them that people can ignite dormant passions. They often get you out of your ‘restricted zone’ and offer insightful challenges. For some, that comes in the form of spending a day at the races. Horse racing is a sport whereby riders will race their horses through an obstacle or a flat course, and people can bet on the outcome of the race. If you’re looking to get into the game, here are four things about horse racing you should know.

#1 Spend Time Getting to Know the Horses

If you’ve never followed horse racing before, it’s recommended you spend some time doing research on the horses and riders, who’ll be in the race you’re going to be betting on. Before the races commence, the horses are all kept in the paddock, where they’re saddled up and walk about.

Be sure to go and see the horse you’ll be betting on for a higher probability of winning. This gives you the opportunity to analyse the characteristics of the horse in person. Some of these characteristics to look out for include; how calm the horse is, the condition of their coat and how light they are on their feet.

#2 Analyse the Horse Records

Usually, these are available within your local newspapers or other media and serve as an excellent tool for people. The horse record is a document whereby you can analyse past race performances, as well as see the bloodline of the horse. You’ll want to bet on a horse which has a running style that’ll match its dam.

#3 Determining the Handicap and Race Statistics of Your Horse

This forms part of you analysing your horse records. This will assist you in determining what your horse can do in the race. You’ll want to be sure to back a horse that doesn’t have a significant handicap. There are many statistic sites available for you to check what the odds are against your horse. Be sure to check what other people are saying, and betting against your horse, as this will impact the payout you’ll receive, if your horse does win.

#4 Keep the Race Schedule in Mind

You can’t expect to place bets on every race. As multiple races will take place in the day, you need to make your selection carefully. Through spending time preparing for your day at the races, you’ll be able to network with some of the horse owners and trainers. Not every horse is trained to run every race, so it’s important to know when and how they perform.

These are just four useful tips to help you find your feet within the horse racing world. If you are seeking even more detailed information, be sure to visit various websites.